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Foods To Cure Gastroparesis

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Everyone suffering with gastroparesis symptoms should seek dietary counselling with a doctor and Registered Dietician to help individualize nutrition therapy and maximize nutritional benefits. Try to incorporate softer versions of foods like steamed, roasted, or boiled vegetables. Fruits that are fully ripened, cooked, canned, or juiced (without the pulp).  Softer… Read More »

The Cuban expat who may have helped Lee Harvey Oswald assassinate JFK

Just as Lee Harvey Oswald was aiming his rifle at JFK above Dealey Plaza in Dallas, another suspected assassin lurked nearby. The Cuban expat, Gilberto Policarpo Lopez, was handsome with angular features, a pale complexion and a preference for white V-necks and classic Foster Grant shades. Though he and Oswald appeared nothing alike, they had… Read More »