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Eucalyptus: A Favorite of the Koala, It May Become Your Favorite Herb, Too

Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus sp.) is an Australian tree species belonging to the Myrtaceae family. The species is wide-ranging, containing over 900 different variants, ranging from short, bushy plants to giant trees. Despite their differences, they are easily identified by their pungent aroma and exfoliating bark.1 Botanist David Nelson discovered the plant in 1777. He took a… Read More »

This Bronx-born nun may become a saint

Shortly before she was brutally murdered by a military death squad in El Salvador, Sister Maura Clarke wrote to her mother in Queens with a simple request. She needed a pair of shoes. The Bronx-born Roman Catholic nun had given away her own shoes to a member of her mission in one of the country’s… Read More »

Who Should Become a Yoga Teacher?

by Bipin Baloni Who Should Become a Yoga Teacher? It’s not just about mastering the most difficult yoga poses. Being a good teacher is about being a great human being and a greater messenger of health and wellness.  Many yogis, serious yoga lovers, health enthusiasts, etc., while deepening their own yoga practices or expanding their… Read More »