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Food myths and what happens when the industry pays for nutrition studies – San Francisco Chronicle

When you grab a bag of Barkthins, a product billed as “snacking chocolate” that is made of slivers of pretzels or nuts in a light coating of dark chocolate, you won’t see anything about health on the label. The U.S. government won’t allow it, but the nutrition claim is no longer necessary. Among consumers, dark… Read More »

Nanoparticles in food can alter the behavior of gut bacteria

New research on nanoparticles in food has yielded fresh insights about their impact on gut bacteria. Nanoparticles may influence gut bacteria (which are shown here under the electron microscope). Researchers from the University Medical Center of Mainz in Germany and colleagues from other centers in Germany, Austria, and the United States have discovered that the… Read More »

The Gundry Diet Is All About Eliminating Lectins—A Lesser Known Food Intolerance

When you think of the term ‘food intolerances’, chances are gluten and dairy are what spring to mind. They’ve long been the poster children for digestive issues and we’re quick to blame them when our tummies swell or grumble after a meal. But in recent years, a lesser-known culprit has emerged: lectins. These are a group of… Read More »