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580 capsules found on boy at Syd festival

A teenage boy has been found with almost 600 capsules and $ 2000 cash at a Sydney music festival where several people left critically ill due to drug use. Six young men aged under 25 left the Hardcore Till I Die festival at Sydney Olympic Park on Saturday in critical or serious conditions. All were… Read More »

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Deadly Ebola Virus Is Found in Liberian Bat, Researchers Say

For the first time, the type of deadly Ebola virus responsible for recent epidemics has been found in a bat in West Africa, Liberian health officials announced on Thursday. Bats carrying the disease had already been found in Central Africa, and scientists have long suspected that bats were a natural host of Ebola and a… Read More »

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Strong link found between back pain and mortality

A prospective analysis of back pain and rates of disability may help explain the association between back pain and mortality. Back pain is common and often debilitating. Back pain is very common, affecting millions of people worldwide. It is also a major cause of disability and missed work days. Risk factors such as posture, sedentary… Read More »

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