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Could an extremophile hold the secret to treatment of devastating injuries?

Biologists have been aware of the existence of disordered proteins for decades but long dismissed them as inconsequential. IDPs are so poorly understood that there is still no clear consensus on what constitutes one. In fact, for the most part, their functions remain unknown. What scientists do know is that not all disordered proteins are… Read More »

Medical News Today: Does magnesium hold the key to vitamin D benefits?

New research finds that magnesium may hold the key to understanding how vitamin D levels relate to health and disease. A recent study investigates the importance of magnesium in vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, has enjoyed something of a celebrity status, receiving praise for a multitude of health benefits.… Read More »

Confronting the Demons That Hold Me

As my anxiety raises like my blood pressure, I just settle into the thoughts of improvement and realizing the self discipline that this will take. December 12, 2018 by Brian Cardoza Leave a Comment For some reason, I had confused the senses of dread with a sixth like sense knowing danger is around the corner.… Read More »