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Harvard research reveals Coke’s fingerprints on health policy in China

A complex network of research funding, institutional ties, and personal influence allowed Coca-Cola, through connections with a nonprofit group, to exert substantial influence over obesity science and policy solutions in China, nudging government policy into alignment with the company’s corporate interests, a Harvard study has found. Professor Susan Greenhalgh’s study reveals not just efforts by… Read More »

The Growing Need for Public Health Research

The world revolves around information, and with large quantities of health research and studies available at the touch of a button, there are more uses for it now than ever. Public health research can provide both the medical communities and general population with information on the benefits of preventative care, opportunities to improve medical research,… Read More »

Lawmakers, witnesses spar over necessity of fetal tissue research

House lawmakers wrestled Thursday over the importance of fetal tissue in research on devastating illnesses, with Republicans calling to end government funding for such research and Democrats arguing to spare it. Witnesses at the Oversight Committee hearing sparred with lawmakers and each other about whether fetal tissue was necessary or replaceable in medical research. GOP… Read More »