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Need for speed: The quest for the world's fastest humans, without an engine

But in the middle of this desolate valley of brown-yellow scrub brush, amid cows and wooden telephone poles and with views of dirt-brown hills, there’s a windy 5-mile stretch of flat highway where world records are broken every year. Since 2000, the World Human Powered Speed Challenge (originally called the World’s Fastest Bicycle Competition) has… Read More »

Man says he faces 'slow death' without pricey medication after insurer denies coverage

Mark Dendy, a tutor at Brightwood College, was informed in July that his insurer would no longer cover his potentially life-saving medication. (Fox 40) A California biology tutor with a rare, life-threatening disorder said that he is “going to die a slow death” without a life-saving medication that his insurance company stopped covering in July.… Read More »